St.-Antonius-Gymnasium, Lüdinghausen: an introduction




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Our school is a medium-size academic high school with just over 700 students from 5th to 12th grade (age about 10 to 18 years) and a staff of about 70 colleagues. Our students aim for a general high-school diploma (Abitur, allgemeine Hochschulreife). Special about our school though is that there are two additional options for gifted students: we also offer a bilingual high school diploma (Bilinguales Abitur) and a STEM field certificate (MINT-Zertifikat).

We are very keen on international projects as we are Europaschule and also participate in various Erasmus programs including offering internships for our students. The international atmosphere of the school is enriched by recurring exchanges and we frequently host international students.


Am 19.11.21 wurde das Anton als Europaschule ausgezeichnet.


The school is a member of a national excellence school network called MINTec. Due to the MINTec initiative our students are able to participate in MINT-camps as extracurricular activities. Our internal MINT-activities include MINT-challenges and MINT-days and we also have a prospering department in robotics and coding. Our digital school environment is well established and professionally managed (“digitale Schule”).


MINT-Tag der 8. Klassen


Overall the staff feels that our students are motivated, well behaved and looked after by their families. The atmosphere in the classrooms is usually productive and fosters open- minded education and learning. St.-Antonius-Gymnasium is a wonderful place in which to learn and work. The main school building with its classic red brick stones matches the monastery close by and is beautiful to look at. The interior design mingles preserved historic elements with modern features – one could say the school has character.

Lüdinghausen is a small town with a population of about 25,000. The historic townscape is composed of two impressive water castles surrounded by the Stever stream. The university city of Muenster is about 30-minutes distance north east of Lüdinghausen and the urbanized Ruhr area is about the same distance south.
We are happy to cooperate internationally. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Schule zwischen den Burgen


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